Awesome Resistance Bands Exercises Which You Won't Find Somewhere Else

Read more about what your rubber bands are capable of:
All You Need to Know about Mobility Resistance Bands.

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Shoulder Activation

from Kit Laughlin

Absolutely awesome sequence for Rotator Cuff (Shoulder Girdle) and upper torso.

The same sequence from Yuri Marmerstein, quickly and without explanations.

Thoracic Traction - low back stretch

from Christine Ruffolo

Banded quadraped pushbacks to deep squat. Blissfully stretches out that thoracolumbar fascia.

Abduction Progression - varying stability

Yes, it's a bit undocumented property of resistance bands.
Avoid excessive elbow bend so you minimally 'hang' on the supports. 1. Opposite side rack 2. Same side rack 3. TRX 4. Band - resulted in greatest ROM.

Single Leg Deadlift (Hinge) & Terminal Knee Extension

Knee pain? - Try This! - VMO exercises

Combining band resisted (just below the knee) terminal knee flexion with a single leg deadlift helps load the posterior chain pre-hinge. Great for those struggling with keeping the leg straight during ASLRs (asymmetrical leg raises) or ASLLs (regressed asymmetrical leg lowers).

Hip Hinge Extension Pattern

from Perry Nickelston

Helps to learn the hip hinge and pulls back the upper torso opening up the chest. Secure resistance band low. See Perry changing grip positions for variety: overhand and underhand.
The band pulls the body into extension so you must maintain your torso flexion while you hinge.
Come up and lock out at the hips and hold.
Repeat 10 times and hold at the top for 4 seconds. DO NOT drop down into the hinge fast, control it.
If this hurts your knees put padding underneath. If you can't because of pain in the hips or the knees do it standing.
In this case, remember to have maximal bend in the hips and minimal bend in the knees. That's a standing hinge movement.
Maximal bend in hips and knees is a squat. Not what we want here.

Diagonal Side Sit and Reach

Using an exercise band to hit the slings. Great for patterning.

Banded Kickthru

Playing with bands in Animal Flow side kickthru.

RNT Bilateral Knee Valgus

Helping a valgus knee dysfunction with a mini band. Reactive Neuromuscular Training.
For this you'll need these mini resistance bands for leg.

RNT Knee Valgus

Using bands to help a valgus knee cave on a lunge or step pattern. Why does it matter? Because taking stairs of any type is a lunge pattern. Medial knee caves are not good force control.

Banded Work for Ankle Stability

Use resistance bands to help strengthen an unstable ankle joint or AFTER you do mobility work if it's required. Do 15 repetitions each way inversion and eversion.

Locking In the Ankle

Straight Leg Hip Internal Rotation

Use a resistance band or a strap to increase internal hip range of motion.

Hip Rotation Pain Relief Secret

Learn how to increase rotation and movement in your hip to help relieve back and knee and back pain. Perry shows how to band stretch the hip joint. Feel the difference.

Diagonal Side Sit (Turbo Style)

Dr. Perry from Stop Chasing Pain demonstrates the movement for activation of the core, serratus anterior, latissimus dorsi, and glute using the variable resistance band for vector challenge. Great for movement efficiency.

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