IASTM Stainless Steel Tools

Stainless Steel Tools for Myofascial Techniques

IASTM is instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. Similar to gua sha, the therapist uses a “scraper” to treat the tissue, but here is where the similarities end.

In short, the IASTM technique is used in rehabilitation to promote a fibroblastic proliferation for connective tissue remodeling and cells realigning. This is done with metal instruments (some IASTM modalities use plastic) by means of rubbing/scraping the tissues with emollient on it. Despite the similarity with gua sha, IASTM takes roots in friction massage developed by James Cyriax. It is, at least, believed to be like that.

Another great thing about stainless steel tools is the resonation the therapist feels in their hands. The instruments can magnify what the hands feel such as scars and lesions under the skin, providing excellent tissue evaluation with a subsequent treatment. This is a reason why plastic tools are inferior to metal ones.

What differentiates a good instrument from a generic one?

Contours, edges, weight, ergonomics – These four factors should be taken into account when choosing an instrument for your practice.

Seemingly similar instruments may behave differently in the hands of therapist.
Some tools are too bulky, causing therapists’ hands to feel fatigue fast, while some tools are too lightweight which isn’t good either.

If the treatment edges are not thoroughly tested in clinical setting, a therapeutic response of the tissues may fail expectations.

ValeoFM IASTM Stainless Steel Tools

The Best All-Around Tool

These two are small and handy tools which may be your first choice.
They are not bulky, with an anti slippery surface.
The tools feature an elaborated single beveled treatment edge.

myofascial scraping tools

best muscle scraping tools iastm

Two bigger tools

Acupressure version with a ball on one end.

Anti slippery version.
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iastm stainless steel grippy valeofm

iastm tools stainless steel

The Handlebar

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iastm handlebar valeofm

It features 3 working edges.
Concave side has a double beveled edge.
Convex side has 2 edges: sharper for superficial work and scanning, and blunter edge for deeper work.
Little corners next to the handles are good for working in muscles-tendons junction areas.

iastm myofascial tools
iastm handlebar
instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization handle bar

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