Stretching Exercises with Resistance Bands

Read more about what your rubber bands are capable of:
All You Need to Know about Mobility Resistance Bands.

Stretching Principles - PNF

Before you move any further, bring a little science to your stretching routine.
PNF stands for Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, or Contract-Relax technique. You also may come across PIR - Post Isometric Relaxation. Not delving into details, they all are almost the same.
You can watch all the video, or you can jump straight to 3:00.

TOP 5 Resistance Band Stretches for Flexibility (Advanced)

Some are very advanced.

1:27 - Lunge Stretch (in the first part of this stretch pay attention to her flat back! - no hyperextension please)
3:28 - Hamstring Stretch
4:12 - Needle Stretch
4:59 - Down Dog Stretch
6:08 - Straddle & Box Split

Resistance Band Hamstrings & Adductors Stretch

This is for ordinary folks.

Quadriceps, Psoas Stretch

Please share in comments useful videos demonstrating stretching with rubber resistance bands.

Why stretching is different from mobilization read in this article:
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