⚡ Best Resistance Bands for Glutes

Glutes are the strongest muscle group in the body.  In fact, they consist of 3 muscles: Gluteus Maximus (GMax), Medius (GMed) and Minimus (GMin).

If you are an athlete, just fitness enthusiast or a layperson you must have strong glutes. Otherwise, you'll have faulty movement patterns ending up with low back pain, knee pain, neck pain, just name a few.

Because glutes act as primary hip extensors, help to maintain upright posture, act as
adductors and external rotator. The proper firing pattern is needed when walking, running and jumping. And when glutes are weak the lesser or other muscles are over-employed. E.g. spine muscles, which leads to back pain, piriformis muscle, which leads to sciatica, tensor fasciae latae (TFL), which may cause IT band syndrome, etc.

For those who want to get an ultimate understanding of Glutes this book can be recommended: The Vital Glutes: Connecting the Gait Cycle to Pain and Dysfunction.

Best Resistance Bands for Glutes

With that in mind, let's start a journey into the realm of glutes exercises which anybody can do with help of our awesome Resistance Bands for Glutes.
Best Resistance Bands for Glutes

Best Exercises for Glutes with Mini Loop Resistance Bands

If you need a printable PDF document with miniband exercises please visit this page.

Below you'll find selected YouTube videos with exercises specifically for glutes.
For the convenience the links with exact timing are provided for easier navigation. All the video selection (including the videos from this article) you'll find on this page.

Glutes and Hips Exercises

Squat Fix with Resistance Mini Band Loops

Hip Stability Exercises + Glute Activation

Exercises for Runners (from James Dunne)

Glute Activation

Stabilizing Hips, Knees and Spine

Glutes and Hips Exercises

Standing Hip Stretchhttps://youtu.be/bTpRhOzvyZU?t=49
Side Lungehttps://youtu.be/bTpRhOzvyZU?t=87
External Shouler Rotationhttps://youtu.be/bTpRhOzvyZU?t=175
Hip Raiseshttps://youtu.be/bTpRhOzvyZU?t=240
Plank w/ a Knee Touchhttps://youtu.be/bTpRhOzvyZU?t=323
Alternating Steps and Squatshttps://youtu.be/bTpRhOzvyZU?t=403

Squat Fix with Resistance Mini Band Loops

Avoiding Knocking Knees [Valgus Collapse] +explanation how it works

Hip Stability Exercises + Glute Activation

Cowboy Walkshttps://youtu.be/Vjnbe-XSZew?t=26
Lateral Slideshttps://youtu.be/Vjnbe-XSZew?t=63
Star Reachhttps://youtu.be/Vjnbe-XSZew?t=102

Exercises for Runners with Mini Bands

Three Way Leg Pullhttps://youtu.be/AXp6Fp5y0vE?t=51
Mountain Climbhttps://youtu.be/AXp6Fp5y0vE?t=156
Arm Raiseshttps://youtu.be/AXp6Fp5y0vE?t=213
One Side Kneeling Rowhttps://youtu.be/AXp6Fp5y0vE?t=257

Glute Activation

Stabilizing Hips, Knees and Spine

Squat One Knee Circlehttps://youtu.be/YyDHTgisWtA?t=60
Forward/Back Walkhttps://youtu.be/YyDHTgisWtA?t=133
Lateral Walkshttps://youtu.be/YyDHTgisWtA?t=215
best resistance bands for glutes

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