Lacrosse Balls for Trigger Points, Massage and Mobility Work

Lacrosse Balls, Set of 2

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You'll get two premium quality lacrosse balls for massage and Trigger Points work with carrying mesh.
Lacrosse Balls for Myofascial Release

Lacrosse Balls for Trigger Points

They are used for massage, mobility work or self-myofascial release or Trigger Point deactivation.
The key in using of Lacrosse balls is slow speed and gradual applying of the pressure.
If you know how to use a foam roller, you'll know how to use a lacrosse ball.

Lacrosse Balls for Thoracic Mobility

Lacrosse Balls for Upper Trapezius Trigger Points

Lacrosse Balls for Calf Muscles

Plantar Fascia myofascial release

Deactivation of Trigger Points with Lacrosse Ball

Trigger points, or muscle knots, are the tender spots which are located on muscles. They are the sources of referred pain. That means, when the trigger points are pressed or activated, pain is felt somewhere else in the body. You may have a trigger point in your glute muscles which causes pain in the low back.
Lacrosse Balls are one of the self-applied tools for releasing trigger points. By using them to apply consistent pressure to the trigger points, they are released.
The muscles are eased and the pain is gone. The pressure may be painful at first, but after treatment, the muscles will feel noticeably eased and relaxed.

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