Lacrosse Balls for Trigger Points, Massage and Mobility Work

Lacrosse Balls, Set of 2 Search on Amazon " lacrosse balls massage by ValeoFM " You may also be interested in Peanut Double L...


Double Lacrosse Ball: Peanut

Double Lacrosse Ball in the Shape of Peanut This is perfect self myofascial release and mobility tool. It works especially excellent wit...


Muscle Flossing Bands for Mobility

Muscle Flossing Bands buy on direct link . Read this explanatory article (with videos) for tips and how-tos: Compression ...


Muscle Floss Bands - How to Use

Compression Flossing How-Tos check the size of our floss bands In a word, you wrap it TIGHTLY around your joint and while it is under c...


Does resistance band inch size matter?

Here is the size of our resistance bands in inches: 1/2, 3/4, 1 1/4, 1 3/4, 2 1/2 or in decimal: 0.5 .. 0.75 .. 1.25 .. 1.75 .. 2.5 ...


How to do Muscle Up - Comprehensive Guide

Here is the best video compilation of Muscle Up How-tos with explained progression, transition, tips, and warm-ups. Gymnastics is learning...


Mobility Resistance Bands

5 Colors - 5 Tensile Strengths - Resistance Bands by ValeoFM Read why Resistance Bands (Super Bands) are so awesome and who can use them. ...

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